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The Launch!!!

When we think of psychology, we think of complex observations and understanding of human cognition and behavior. We think to ourselves, “Why does that person think or act in the way they do?”

Have you ever wondered why your past reflects so powerfully on your current behavior? Have you ever wondered why your family interacts in the manner in which it does? This blog was created to help try and answer those questions and many more like it.

I am a Therapist. I say this with pride and a sense of obligation. The title of Therapist inherently implies a desire to help others achieve and maintain stability in their lives. Our focus on this blog is twofold: to help people get to where they want to be in life, and to also help make the complex issues of the field more accessible and easier to maneuver.

Psychology, in and of itself, is not a field in which advice is given. Therapists are not designed to tell you how to live your life. Rather, a Therapist’s job is to assist in helping you make sense of the things that are important to you. Cliché jargon, stereotyped in movies and jokes that depict the therapist as a distant, emotionless, pseudo-intellect have assisted in the stigmatization of those who wish to seek answers for themselves. This site is designed to not only combat these established stereotypes, but to also make the understanding of these issues more practical and relatable.

Experience is important to this field. Experience gives us an ever increasing ability to hone and master tools that may help others when working with them. Experience allows us to build rapport with individuals and families. My experience in the field is with those whom come from two different types of backgrounds. The first is a family that by one reason or another is essentially forced into therapy by legal mandates or by state departments. The second comes from families who have been referred for services by either other care providers or as self-referrals. With each type of case comes a torrent of questions and situations that must be discussed and observed to gain a better grasp of the individual or family’s situation and goals in life.

My goal for this blog is to create content that is easily maneuverable and understandable. Taken from experience both personally and professionally, the goal is to essentially make the field of psychology more accessible to everyone. Questions and comments are invited and encouraged, but the point is to not give advice, but rather, provide understanding.

Joe Weeks, MA

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